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Santateresa – Tantum
Santateresa – Cartoni
Lumen – Di Mari Mossi e Cieli Stellati EP
Wave Frequency Phase – What have our eyes seen
Superattico – Scusa
Carlo Addaris – Quello che resta
Calmo – Sudore
Santateresa – Del Piero
Tony Di Sarno – Whenny The
Insects Theory – Serve yourself with pride
-Mbriane – Megaride
Nigel Hayes – On A Journey
Maurizio Sacchi, Mauro Ghess – The First Time
Gabriele Congedo – Don’t Sleep
Demarkus Lewis – Funk City
Mario Franca – R25
Background, Mikel Wonic – Parts Ep
Luca Notaro – Bellini
Johnny DalBasso – Vampiro
Johnny DalBasso – Grandi Passi Avanti
Igor Di Martino – The Second Chance
Bolena – Nuda
Naroje & Auxx – Spaziotempo (feat. Aner & Dbseven)
Lumen – Un’idea
Insect Theory – Morning Star
VOX – Don’t Touch Me
Luca Notaro – Sai
Mural – Deep
Peter Mac – So Free
RPC – All I Need
Nout├ęka – Lines
Luca Notaro – Stranger Kind
Houph Label
Insect Theory – With You
Weisser Quiff – Breakaway
Ottis Blake – Closer
Black Yvo – The Cycle Of Life
Mario Deep – You Got My Love
Mirko Deep – Don’t You Wanna Be Free
Kina – Asleep In A Dream
Black Yvo – Running Back
Mykeymouse – Locked
Rojas – Non So Come Si Fa